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Does Yoga Help Seniors with Asthma?

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Yoga has been an important spiritual practice for thousands of years, one that Altamonte Springs senior care providers recommend for the elderly. This ancient exercise originated in Southeast Asia and has made its way into modern fitness niches of the western world. In addition to relieving stress and stretching muscles, researchers believe yoga may also help those with asthma.

Controlled breathing, known to yogis as “pranayama”, is perhaps one of the most important aspects of yoga. In recent years, the reputable Cochrane Review decided to scientifically test the connection between yoga and respiratory health. This international health organization studied more than 1,000 subjects all over the world to determine whether or not yoga could help alleviate the symptoms of asthma. There are more than 300 million cases of this chronic respiratory condition worldwide that affects people of all ages.

The Cochrane Review conducted more than a dozen different studies that closely examined respiration during and after yoga exercises. In these experiments, nearly all of the participants used their prescription drugs for asthma. A large percentage of the individuals with asthma reported that they experienced a better quality of life after practicing yoga on a weekly basis. The results proved that people with asthma could experience improved physical and psychological benefits by following yoga routines. However, the Cochrane Review admitted that yoga does not necessarily boost lung function in the long term. Rather, the controlled breathing techniques of yoga can help people manage common asthma symptoms like wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Otherwise, it would be difficult for any treatment or exercise to actually increase the respiratory functions of individuals who live with moderate to severe forms of asthma.

To optimize the health benefits of yoga, people with asthma are encouraged to do their exercises outdoors in tranquil settings that have minimal air pollution. It’s a great idea to do yoga in parks, beaches and other natural areas that make it easy to breathe especially for individuals with respiratory complications. Additionally, seniors may benefit from making yoga a group activity with friends, loved ones, or live-in Altamonte Springs caregivers. When seniors exercise in groups, it enriches the experience and boosts emotional wellbeing.

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