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Dos and Don’ts of At-Home Alzheimer’s Care

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When seniors are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it helps to care for them in the familiarity of home. If you are an at-home Alzheimer’s caregiver in Altamonte Springs, this list of important tips can make your job easier.

Don’t Be Insensitive

Having Alzheimer’s disease can be extremely frustrating for a senior, and constantly telling them they cannot do things because of their mental condition can be very hurtful. Try to be considerate and helpful instead of treating your loved one like a child.

Do Have Patience and Understanding

Keep in mind that Alzheimer’s changes a senior’s brain, making it difficult for him or her to be tactful and control his or her emotions. Instead of taking outbursts personally, try to stay calm and helpful. If your loved one gets confused or distressed, try to distract him or her instead of forcing your loved one to confront unpleasant issues.

Don’t Leave Dangerous Objects Unattended

The mental confusion caused by Alzheimer’s increases accident risks for seniors. Anything that could possibly be hazardous if used, eaten, or touched, should be put out of reach. Things like razors, cleaning fluids, curling irons, scissors and knives should only be used with supervision.

Do Help with Cooking and Grooming

Staying clean and well-fed is very important for maintaining overall health, but many seniors with Alzheimer’s have difficulty cooking and bathing. Cooking meals and providing bathing and grooming help are some of the most important tasks for Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers in Altamonte Springs.

Don’t Make Excessive Changes

Many seniors with Alzheimer’s have better long-term memory than short-term memory. Keeping all furniture in their customary positions and following an established routine will help to avoid unnecessary distress or confusion.

Do Find Ways to Keep Them Busy

Seniors with Alzheimer’s often suffer from boredom, depression and loneliness, but staying active can help to keep them in a good mood. Artistic crafts, movies, social groups, and gentle exercise can be a great way to keep the mind stimulated.

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