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Planting Beautiful Roses in Honor of Rose Month

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Every year, June 12th is honored as National Rose Day, which celebrates the beautiful and sweet scented flowers that are often seen as a sign of love and affection. Though roses have a reputation for being finicky to grow, the right varieties require minimal attention and regular watering to grow gorgeous and fragrant blossoms. Gardening can be a useful way for seniors and their Windermere at-home care providers to get low-impact exercise and fresh air. Even if your elderly loved one does not have space for a huge garden, they can celebrate National Rose Day by planting one of these low-maintenance varieties that will flourish on a deck, patio, or balcony.

Little Mischief

This compact shrub has glossy green leaves and branches that grow to a height of two feet. It produces small, one-inch wide bright red blossoms that grow throughout the year and slowly lighten to hot pink as they age. Little Mischief is disease resistant, can survive below freezing temperatures, and does not require pruning to grow.


Snowdrift roses produce the idyllic classic white roses throughout the entire summer. Flowers cleanly fall off the bush before they die, so even if it is not pruned, the bush will continue to look tidy. They do well in both hot and cold areas, as long as the Snowdrift gets plenty of sunlight.

Smiley Face

This climbing variety of roses looks beautiful on a trellis and it is resistant to mildew or rust. When given full exposure to sunlight, this variety of roses repeatedly blooms into cheerful yellow roses throughout the summer and fall.

Paint the Town

Plenty of rosebushes are disease resistant, but few are as hardy as this variety. It produces deep red flowers packed with fragrant petals. Paint the Town bushes naturally keep a uniform shape that does not require pruning.

Even if your loved one requires help from Home Care Assistance of Orlando, he or she can enjoy National Rose Month. No matter what level of care your loved one requires, our stroke, Alzheimer’s, and dementia caregivers in Windermere are dedicated to helping your loved one age in place while managing tasks around the house and encouraging healthy lifestyles. We help seniors establish healthy routines consisting of nutritious diet, daily exercise, and socialization to boost both physical and emotional wellbeing. Contact us today at (407) 604-0506 to learn more about our services and how we can help your loved one remain at home.

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