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What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

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Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling chronic disease of the central nervous system that reaches its peak in the latter years of life. Everyone with multiple sclerosis is affected differently, but here are a few ways caregivers in Altamonte Springs can tell how it affects the seniors they care for.

Cognitive Impairment and Depression

Seniors with multiple sclerosis may experience difficulties with attention, memory and concentration. They often will also exhibit poor judgment. These symptoms are usually mild and unfortunately often overlooked. Depression is also another common but much more serious symptom of multiple sclerosis in seniors that needs to be closely monitored by live-in Altamonte Springs caregivers.

Muscle Weakness and Problems with Balance

When a person is the beginning stages of multiple sclerosis, they may feel pain and tingling in their limbs. The symptoms can worsen with age, and a senior will often have trouble with coordination or fine motor skills. Seniors may also experience numbness in their legs and arms. As a senior’s condition worsens, their limb control and ability to walk may lessen. When this happens, a senior may need to use a wheelchair or a cane to get around.

Develop Osteoporosis

Aging adults with multiple sclerosis are more at risk of developing osteoporosis due to the standard treatments of this condition such as steroids and inactivity. When a senior has weakened bones, it puts them at higher risk of having breaks and fractures. Weak bones can also make seniors who are experiencing balance and coordination issues due to their multiple sclerosis ever riskier.

Bladder Dysfunction

Experiencing bowel or bladder dysfunction is common with seniors who have multiple sclerosis. Bowel problems can range from loss of bowel control to constipation. Seniors with severe bowel problems may need a more intense intervention or even a caregiver. Some seniors may even need to use a catheter to help with their bladder dysfunction. The reason for this is because nerve damage often affects how much urine seniors with multiple sclerosis can hold in their bladder comfortably. If it’s not taken care of, it could lead to kidney or urinary tract infections. These problems can make urinating extremely painful and frequent even if there isn’t much urine in the bladder.

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