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Health Benefits of 3D Video Games for Seniors

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People mostly associate video games with young people and single men in their 30s, however this dynamic may soon shift. Numerous reports from several studies show that customized 3D video games can improve certain brain functions among seniors. It is possible that some of the brain functions that normally deteriorate over time can be improved upon by playing 3D video games. Altamonte Springs Alzheimer’s care providers explain which cognitive functions are boosted and how these games enhance them.

Memory Function and Learning Potential

Memory is something that often declines among older people. A University of California, Irvine, study showed that people who played 2D video games did not improve their memory abilities within the hippocampus. However, individuals who played more complex and intricate 3D video games did improve their memory function and capacity to learn. With this in mind, seniors who require Altamonte Springs dementia home care could use 3D video games to exercise these areas of the brain.

Multitasking Abilities

Multitasking is a useful but challenging ability among older people. An aging brain often loses the ability to multitask well which directly affects various tasks such as driving a vehicle or preparing meals. A study from the British NIH showed that after seniors participated in a 3D driving video game, they significantly improved their multitasking skills.

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