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What Is Deep Vein Thrombosis?

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Though they are very common, many people are unaware of what a deep vein thrombosis actually is. Understanding this health problem can help Orlando home caregivers learn how to help seniors prevent or treat it properly.

What Is a Deep Vein Thrombosis?

A deep vein thrombosis is a type of blood clot that develops from the deep veins in the body. Deep veins run far below the surface of the skin, and since they are usually larger veins, the blood clots that develop in them tend to be bigger. The deep veins of the legs are particularly likely to develop blood clots because it is hard for the heart to pump blood against gravity all the way from the feet to the chest. Though a deep vein thrombosis does not always cause symptoms, people sometimes experience swelling or pain in the affected leg. At first it does not affect the body much, but when a deep vein thrombosis travels to the lungs and blocks a blood vessel, it can result in a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism.

What Causes a Deep Vein Thrombosis?

There are three main factors that can result in a deep vein thrombosis. Abnormal blood flow, inflamed blood vessels, and abnormal amounts of coagulation in blood all result in blood clots. People are far more likely to get a deep vein thrombosis if they live an unhealthy lifestyle and stay seated for long periods of time. Exercising, stopping smoking, and maintaining a healthy weight can help to prevent this condition.

How Do You Treat a Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Most deep vein thrombosis treatment focuses on shrinking a blood clot while preventing it from breaking loose from the leg vein and traveling to the lungs. Anticoagulant medications prevent the clot from getting bigger, but surgery may be required in some situations if blood thinners don’t break the clot up.

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