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Creative Ways to Decorate a Senior’s Home This Thanksgiving

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Setting a festive Thanksgiving table ahead of time can help seniors prepare for the big day. They can enjoy using Thanksgiving placemats, napkin rings and centerpieces all month long, instead of saving them for the big day. In fact, Altamonte Springs at-home care agencies recommend making these decorations with seniors this year. This fun and festive activity will boost their emotional wellbeing as they use their creativity and spend time bonding with their loved ones. The following decorations are not only fun for seniors to make, but they’re also quite affordable.

Thanksgiving Placemats

If you are doing trimming around your house this fall, then cut a piece of tree trunk a little bigger than a dinner plate. After making sure that the wood is clean, give it two or three quick coats of clear shellac. Use stick-on letters to write the word “thanks” across the dry shellac and when dry, use it as a placemat.

Napkin Rings

You can fashion simple napkin holders out of nuts for your senior’s Thanksgiving table. Start by cleaning the unopened nut well with soap and water. Then, glue on some squiggly eyes before adding tail feathers fashioned from pipe cleaners. The tail will usually stay in place better if you twist all the tail feathers onto one pipe cleaner and then glue that onto the nut.

Etched Glasses

Etched glasses make the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table. Start by getting some glasses at the store and some etching cream. Make sure that the glasses are very clean and dry. Draw a turkey or other holiday design on a piece of paper. If you cannot draw, then simply print one off the Internet. Cut out the inside of your template and tape it securely onto the side of the glass with masking tape. Paint the etching cream over the template following the manufacturer’s directions.

Decorating the house with your senior loved one this Thanksgiving gives him or her a sense of purpose. It also encourages the two of you to bond and create lasting memories. Learn more about ways to bond with your loved one this holiday season by calling Home Care Assistance at (407) 604-0506 today. We provide flexible live-in and hourly home care Altamonte Springs seniors need to promote emotional wellbeing and vitality. Let us customize an individualized care plan today when you call.

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