Researchers Deem Chinese Herb Helpful for Bone Marrow Recovery

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Chinese Herb Helpful in Bone Marrow Recovery in Orlando, FL

Most long bones in the human body have spongy layers called marrow, which produces red blood cells. Complications with bone marrow can cause various diseases and cancers such as anemia and leukemia. A recent study by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) revealed major breakthroughs in the treatment for such conditions. Orlando senior home care professionals would like to share details of the study.

According to UCLA researchers, a traditional Chinese herb may hold the key to treating bone marrow malfunctions. TSY-1 (Tianshengyuan-1), an herbal extract, has been proven to stimulate telomerase, an enzyme essential for normal cell division. This molecule is supposed to define complex sequences that define DNA synthesis. Telomerase can induce the multiplication of red blood cells in the bone marrow. For five years, medical experts at UCLA have closely analyzed the effect of this protein on the production of blood cells and other types of cells.

Scientists have also found some interesting links between telomerase and cancer. It is believed cancerous cells have a very high level of this protein. Therefore, it would be beneficial to slow down the activity of this molecule in people who have any stage of a cancer. When it comes to treating leukemia, there seems to be a dilemma in the application of TSY-1. On one hand, this herb can increase the production of blood cells in a person who faces challenges in naturally synthesizing them. On the other hand, leukemia is already associated with high levels of telomerase in cancerous blood cells. The ultimate goal for scientists worldwide is to come up with a safe drug that can effectively manipulate telomerase levels. Clinical research has already shown TSY-1 might be used to mass produce medication that can significantly enhance bone marrow function.

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