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How to Care for Incontinent Seniors

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If you are an Orlando at-home caregiver in charge of looking after an incontinent senior, you might worry about the ins and outs of doing so. After all, it can be difficult for both the senior and the home caregiver or family member. Fortunately, following a few steps can help make the situation a little easier to manage.

Be Understanding

First and foremost, it is important to be understanding. At any age, incontinence can be embarrassing and upsetting. It’s important for live-in Orlando, FL, caregivers to be patient with their loved ones and remember that they simply can’t help it. Even if you get frustrated, which is perfectly natural, it is important not to take it out on your loved one. Instead, you must try to understand that this is a medical issue and that your loved one might feel quite sensitive and self-conscious about it.

Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment

If your loved one has not addressed the incontinence issue with his or her physician, it is important to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. The doctor can look into potential causes of the problem, recommend treatment options and make sure that there are no additional problems for you to be concerned about.

Keep Supplies on Hand

Your loved one may go through a lot of incontinence pads, adult diapers or other incontinence supplies. You don’t want your loved one to end up in a messy situation without the right supplies, so it’s important to stock up and keep plenty of recommended supplies on hand.

Maintain Cleanliness

Obviously, when there is an incontinence issue, you have to worry about keeping your loved one clean. Making sure that your loved one takes ample baths or showers is particularly important when he or she is incontinent because poor hygiene could cause infections, sores and other unpleasant secondary issues. In-between baths or showers, you can use wet wipes for quick cleanups.

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