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How Do Carbohydrates Affect Lung Cancer Risk?

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Doctors at the MD Anderson Cancer Center have recently found a potential connection between diet and lung cancer risk. They discovered that people who ate a diet heavy in certain carbohydrates had a significantly higher risk for this type of cancer than those who ate fewer carbs. These findings were especially pronounced in non-smokers. Here’s what Altamonte Springs home care providers need to know to protect their loved ones from lung cancer.

About the Study

Researchers studied over 1,900 lung cancer patients and compared their diet with over 2,400 people without cancer. They found that subjects with the highest daily glycemic index (GI) had a nearly 50 percent higher risk of lung cancer than those with the lowest GI.

Understanding the Findings

Glycemic index indicates how quickly certain foods raise a person’s blood sugar. High GI foods such as white bread, rice, and baked potatoes cause blood sugar spikes, which are unhealthy and can damage the body’s normal insulin response. Scientists believe a high GI diet that leads to insulin resistance may impact cell growth and subsequently increase cancer risk. This link has not been proven conclusive however, and there are several other factors at play including overall diet quality.

Implications for Seniors

A well-balanced diet is essential for overall health, and this study provides another reason why seniors should focus on good nutrition. High GI foods have been linked with a myriad of other conditions such as obesity and diabetes, many of which concern seniors already. In order to help their loved ones stay as healthy as possible, family caregivers should encourage them to eat a diet low in poor-quality carbohydrates and high in fiber, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. A varied and balanced diet benefits a senior health in a variety of ways and may decrease the risk of cancer. Seniors should focus on eating foods that are low on the glycemic index in order to maintain optimal health.

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