6 Activities to Enjoy with Teenage Grandchildren

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Activities Seniors & Their Teenage Grandchildren Can Enjoy in Orlando, FL

Some grandparents find it difficult to communicate and connect with teenage grandchildren. Technological advances and social media make the world of today’s teens vastly different from that of their grandparents. The following are a few activities that can help bridge the generation gap.

1. Play Video Games

Instead of becoming frustrated by a teen’s natural obsession with electronics, grandparents can utilize it as a point of connection by asking their grandchildren to teach them their favorite video game. The teen will appreciate being viewed as an expert and the opportunity to show off his or her skills and knowledge. Grandparents may also find video games enhance their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Some games also involve dancing and other physical activities that can be beneficial for teens and seniors alike.

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2. Share a Hobby

Grandparents can use their favorite hobby as a way to spend time with their grandchildren. Teaching a teen how to cook, sew, or plant a garden provides valuable life skills that can help him or her become more independent. By sharing their knowledge and skills, grandparents can also create a deeper bond and lasting memories with their grandchildren.

3. Volunteer

Giving back to others is a great way for teens and older adults to connect. From building homes for those in need to spending time at the local animal shelter, grandparents and teens can find many volunteer opportunities. Grandparents will have the satisfaction of instilling a sense of responsibility in their grandchildren, and teens will appreciate their passion for a particular issue.

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 4. Create a Scrapbook

Family stories can disappear if they are not shared with the younger generation. Seniors can preserve their family history and ensure a lasting legacy for future generations by creating a digital scrapbook with their grandchildren. Grandparents will enjoy the opportunity to reminisce and share their stories, and teens can show off their technological expertise by creating the electronic scrapbook.

5. Share Music

Every generation has its own soundtrack. While grandparents and teens will likely have different musical preferences, they can still learn to appreciate each other’s favorite music. Spending an afternoon together listening to music can open the door to sharing memories and provide greater insight into the power of music.

6. Learn a Language

Learning a new language can help teens become more aware of the world around them and instill a deeper appreciation of other countries and cultures. For older adults, learning a new language creates new neural pathways in the brain that can boost cognitive function. Many community colleges and universities offer short-term introductory language classes. There are also several online resources, such as Duolingo, that allow people to learn a new language at their own pace from the comfort of home.

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