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James Pasquinelli - Owner

James Pasquinelli


Hello to families of Orlando, Florida. I am James Pasquinelli, the owner and president of Home Care Assistance of Orlando. We are committed to providing excellent senior in-home care and hope to change the way the world ages with our unique approach to care. Within each of our professional, highly trained caregivers lies a calling to promote the betterment of our aging clients, and they accomplish this amazing goal by providing older adults with the support they need and deserve. One of the main goals at Home Care Assistance is to ensure seniors can continue living independently while aging in place. Before creating a customized care plan, our Care Managers assess each senior’s individual care needs, personal interests, and preferences to match them with the right home caregiver. The bonds seniors build with the trusted caregivers at Home Care Assistance allow them to live happier and healthier lives.

Revolutionary Care Methods

At Orlando Home Care Assistance, we believe it’s vital to provide holistic care that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit so the seniors we care for are able to continue maintaining their normal routines and doing the things they enjoy most in life. Our proprietary Balanced Care Method™ (BCM) promotes overall health and instills a sense of purpose and self-esteem in our clients. Our caregivers utilize BCM by preparing nutritious meals and snacks, providing plenty of mental and social stimulation, and encouraging physical exercise on a regular basis. In addition, our Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ (CTM) was developed by the scientific division of Home Care Assistance. This mentally stimulating program has been proven to boost quality of life by enhancing mental acuity and promoting overall cognitive health. Both BCM and CTM are available to all of our clients at no additional charge.

Compassionate & Highly Trained Caregivers

Each of the experienced in-home caregivers at Orlando Home Care Assistance is attentive and compassionate, and none of them are contracted. We license, bond, and insure all of our caregivers and ensure they undergo extensive reference and background checks. In addition, we provide ongoing training through our Home Care Assistance University. We believe caregivers who are always up to date on the latest developments in senior care can provide the highest quality care available.

Reliable Care You Can Count On

Whether your aging parent or loved one needs help with chores around the home, struggles with an advanced condition, or is recovering from a fall or medical procedure, you can rely on Home Care Assistance of Orlando to provide quality care whenever and wherever it’s needed. Families rest assured knowing:

  • No long-term contracts or commitments are required
  • A devoted Care Manager is available 24/7 to answer questions and address concerns
  • Only 1 in 25 caregiver applicants meets our standards and is hired
  • Care schedules can be adjusted at any time to reflect changing needs

Changing the Way the World Ages

My calling to help strengthen families is driven by my own values and commitment to the belief that each day is truly a blessing and should be lived to the fullest. We are family owned, with the purpose of educating and enriching the lives of our clients, caregivers, and community, and I believe there is no better choice than Home Care Assistance for families seeking nonmedical home care and companionship for a loved one. If you have questions or would like to discuss flexible hourly or live-in care options for your loved one, please do not hesitate to call me directly at (407) 232-7155. It will be my pleasure to assist you. The decisions you make regarding your loved one’s care can feel overwhelming at times, and my team and I are here to assist you every step of the way.